GLI About Us

In July 2002, the skeletal forwarding division began operations. In time, Gateway Logistics, Inc. established base businesses to/from Australia, Asia, and Europe. Among its clients are Target Australia, Coles Myers, Coca Cola Bottlers, RFM Food Corporation, Northern Cement Corporation and Nissan Motor Phils, Ford Sales & Service Korea, Volvo Brazil, Oroton Group Australia (Polo Ralph Lauren), Ajinomoto etc. GLI does buyers consolidations for sea and air, to and from Australia and Asia.

In January 2003, Gateway Logistics, Inc. acquired 33 truck units and established its Domestic Distribution Division, handling transfers and deliveries of manufactured goods for companies like San Miguel Rengo, Unilever Philippines, the Paint Corporation, American Power Corp, etc.

In 2004, Gateway Logistics, Inc. set up a small cargo handling division designed to handle bagging and trucking of bulk shipments of the food and beverage giant San Miguel Corporation from the bulk terminal silos to its various plants and breweries: these bulk cargo included malt, maize, and soya.

In April 2005, Gateway Logistics, Inc. set up its Brokerage Division (LM Brokerage). Main clients are the San Miguel group of companies, Heinrich, Coca Cola Philippines, and Southern Negros Agri. This brokerage division is a specialist in bulk, special and project cargo clearing.